Drzewo Genealogiczne Rodziny Wajszczuków
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Maps were prepared based on the information provided by Edward Wajszczuk (0410) - USA, Jacek Wajszczuk (0303) - Warsaw, Jadwiga Muszyńska (0455) - Wrocław and her father Romuald Szymanowski (0454), all formerly from Sitaniec and from Adam (0282) Wajszczuk, his father Adolf (0278) and son Łukasz (0957), currently residing in Wysokie.


  1. Oldest known Wajszczuk house in the area - of Stanisław (0268), destroyed during the war. Property divided among Stanislaw's sons (see 2 - 5 below).
  2. Jan (0271) – family expelled in 1941, Jan deported with his son Stanislaw (1094) to Germany for forced labour. Stanislaw perished in 1943 during bombing of Berlin, Jan returned to Wysokie. House built after the war, does not exist anymore. 
  3. Walenty (0374) – Village chief in Wysokie - 1930-1941, engaged in underground conspiratory work, family expelled - in 1941, returned after the war. House built after the war, torn down around 1993. Pyplok (0290) family lives in the new house.
  4. Stanisław (0270) – family expelled in 1941, returned after the war to Wysokie. House constructed before the war, torn down after the war.
  5. Józef (0298) – perished in Auschwitz - Dec. 20, 1942. Family expelled on Nov. 8, 1941. Jozef returned 2 weeks later at night to get some food - arrested, jailed in Zamosc and Lublin then sent to Auschwitz (member of B.Ch. - Peasant  Battalions?). Family returned to Wysokie after the war. Young son Tadeusz (1539) died in 1944  from explosion of a fuse of a hand grenade. House constructed before the war was destroyed during the war. Another son Witold (1080) lived until his death in 2006 as a renter(?) - (see 7 on the map and below). Daughter Lucyna (1109)  Tor built a new house. 
  6. Adolf (0278), Walenty's son (0274) and Adolf's son - Adam (0282) live here with their families in the contemprary houses.
  7. Witold (1080), Józef's son (0298) lived here until his death in 2006.
  8. Contemporary house of the Kapłon family (0281) - Elzbieta, Adolf's (0278) daughter.


  1. Jan (0311) - Expelled - 1942  Germany USA, http://www.wajszczuk.v.pl/english/
    drzewo/tekst/wysiedleni.htm; the house does not exist anymore. 
  2. Heronim 0306) - Expelled - 1942 lived in the area, returned to Sitaniec, at present the property is sold and the old house is abandoned.
  3. Józef (0363) - Expelled - 1942, stayed in the region. Sept. ?,1939 - son Tomasz (0368) deported from Volhynia to the USSR, returned to Sitaniec after the war. July 12, 1942 - son Lucjan (0377) arrested by Gestapo various concentration camps Germany Canada USA. Family house burned down by the Germans (in reprisal for the resistance activities), rebuilt after the war and inhabited until 1997 by Tomasz, currently by distant relatives.
  4. Walery (0405) - Expelled - 1942 Germany, returned to Sitaniec. At present, in two separate new houses live the sons of Stefania (0406) – Józef i Zbigniew Tchórzewski.
  5. Stanisław (0409) - died - July 7, 1942, family expelled - December 6, 1942, wife and daughter - Jan.,1943 Germany (forced labour camp) USA (1950) and Canada (1949). Son Edward (0410) - forced labourer at a German settler in Sitaniec, April 1944 Germany - same labour camp, 1950 USA.
    Maria (0442) returned, later settled in the New ("Recovered") Territories in the west of Poland. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recovered_Territories)
  6. Paweł (0300) - Expelled - 1942 r. lived in the area, returned to Sitaniec. Son Bronislaw (0301) was a POW in the USSR  since 9/1939, then in the Polish Armed Forces (Gen. Anders) in the West, also returned to Sitaniec. Bronisław (0301) and later his wife Kazimiera lived there until 2005, the property was then sold and a new house built on it.


Perished during and as a result of WW-II:
1. Józef (0298) – 1942 - in Auschwitz.
2. Stanisław (1094) – 1943 - in bombing of Berlin by the Allies.
3. Tadeusz - (1539) - 1944 - from explosion of a hand ganade fuse.

 All Wajszczuks were expelled from Wysokie very early - November 8, 1941 (trial expulsion action) and initially resettled in a village of Husynne (north-east of Hrubieszow). Subsequently they were dispersed to different villages. For instance, Walenty and his family were moved to Gorzków and then to several other villages.
After the war did not return to Wysokie: Józef i Stanislaw (as described above).
Perished during the war:
1. Paweł (0300) - in 1943 in consequence of severe beating by the Germans.

Expulsions and deportations:
All Wajszczuk families were expelled from Sitaniec in December of 1942. Several families were deported to Germany for forced labour. Most did not return after the war and settled in Canada and in the USA.
In addition: 1. Tomasz (0308) was deported by the Soviets in 1939 (or 1940) from Volhynia to the USSR - returned to Sitaniec around 1956. 2. Bronislaw was a POW in the Soviet Union, later (after the "amnesty") joined the Polish Armed Forces in the West and returned to Sitaniec after the war.